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Feeding Guidelines for Your Small-Breed Puppy

Feed your Boston terrier, miniature poodle or other small-breed puppy the proper nutritious dog foods, in the right portions and at the correct frequency, to help him grow to his full, healthy potential. A puppy, like a human baby, has a fast metabolism, and will need to eat more frequently than an adult dog.

Tip: If your small-breed puppy has a sudden loss of appetite, has an appetite that does not fit the mold, or has a large increase in appetite not associated with a growth spurt, contact your veterinarian.

What A Small-Breed Puppy Needs: Nutrition

In addition to eating more frequently, the nutritional needs of a small-breed puppy also differ from its adult dog counterpart. They need higher levels of basic nutrients found in puppy food, including fat and protein. Puppies also need extra calcium and phosphorus.

Also consider small-breed puppy food for your dog that contains digestible carbohydrates as well as fiber. Similar to humans, small-breed puppies benefit from antioxidants like vitamin E, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

How Much to Feed Your Small-Breed Puppy

How much you feed your small-breed puppy depends on the puppy’s age, breed and weight. These are general guidelines by age and maturity. Follow the specific feeding instructions provided by your breeder, vet or on the bag of puppy food.

For a small-breed puppy that will weigh 3 to 6 pounds at full maturity, you can feed him a half cup of small-breed puppy food from one and a half months through his eighth month. From 9 months through 2 years old, feed your small-breed puppy an adult portion appropriate for the breed and dog-food brand.

Small-breed puppies that will reach between 7 and 12 pounds at maturity can be fed three-quarters to 1 cup of food per day from one and a half months through the first three months.

Increase that amount to 1 1/4 cup per day to get your small-breed puppy through his fourth and fifth month. From 6 months to 2 years old, 1 cup should suffice.

For small-breed puppies on the large end of the scale, which will reach between 13 and 20 pounds at maturity, start with half a cup to 1 cup of food per day for puppies who are 1 1/2 months to 3 months old. At 4 months, change the amount to 1 cup, up to 1 1/4 cup. From 6 months to 2 years old, 1 cup of puppy food per day is what he needs.

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Tip: One cup is 8 ounces.

When to Feed Your Small-Breed Puppy

You can break down the portions in half to feed your small-breed puppy twice a day. If your schedule permits, you could also break down the portion further and feed him three or four times a day.

Tips on Selecting Small-Breed Puppy Food

Small-breed puppy-food packages will include information about the eventual maximum adult size (in pounds) of the puppy. Use this as a general guideline when selecting a puppy food. Avoid puppy food labeled for “large-breed puppies.”

Austrian Society and Culture

Every country has their own cultures, beliefs, and customs that they practice. Vienna Austria is known for special customs and beliefs as well. This article will help potential tourists and residences be aware of these special things. Its always a plus to be aware of what is going on when visiting different places and it will help you get along with the locals as well.

Austrian Family Values

            In Austria, the family is the backbone of the social structure here. Due to lack of migration options in Austria, the families are usually quite small. The family stays very close to one another. They normally stay together in the town or village in which they live. During the week, most Austrians are working, but the weekends are devoted to family time, which is usually outside. Every night, Austrians eat dinner with their families. On Sundays, the family usually goes to visit grandparents, or hiking together.

The Austrian House

            In Austria, the family keeps a clean and neat home, and they take a lot of pride in their homes. The home, for many Austrians, is the place they relax and unwind. When someone comes into their homes, they’re usually a family member or a close friend. Not everyone is invited to the home. There is also etiquette regarding the home’s stairs or steps. These must always be clean from any debris.

Are Austrians Conservative?

            Most Austrians are usually very conservative. In their behavior, they are moderate. When it comes to organizing, they are great at compartmentalizing their lives. If one has a social event that they are planning, they will make sure they invite guests well in advanced in order to have the most guests.

Keeping Up Appearances

            In Austria, being presentable is something that is very important. The people of Austria believe that you should be neat and dress conservatively, even when it’s informal. Thee clothes must never show a lot of the body. When Austrians go to the theatre or a concert, they dress very formally. When going to a nice place to eat, they wear semi-formal clothing. There are certain places that will tell patrons to leave if they are not dressed properly. Women of Austria dress up just to go shopping. When they are in public, they dress very well.

Austrian Customs

            In Vienna and most of the country, greetings are very formal. Most of the greetings begin with a nice and firm handshake. During the conversation, maintaining eye contact is vital. Austria older men will usually kiss a female’s hand as a greeting. This is a sign of a true gentleman. A man from another country, however, should never kiss a female’s hand. Women sometimes kiss other men, but men will never kiss another man. Using names and titles are very important as well. When arriving to another’s home, when entering a room, it is a must to shake each person’s hand individually, and this includes children also. These are just a few customs to help one get by in the country.

ASSPACE Token ICO Review

ASSPACE Token, which means Adult Social Space, is best described as an internal ERC-20 token that is based on Ethereum. It is circulated among users so that it can give monetary value to all of their social activities through a decentralized social network that has adult (18+) content. The whole intention is for this to be the only cryptocurrency project that can be used for such activities by users.


ASSPACE icoASSPACE is used for uniting users who are open-minded, social, energetic, curious and creative youngsters involved in the production of adult content. It gives them opportunities so that they can produce bigger and better adult content through the use of this platform, as they do not have other such avenues. The goal of this platform is to build a social network that is based on the principles of decentralization and have features which can be useful for the adult content production industry.

There are Ethereum-based tokens inside this platform for rewards, allocation, and charges. ASSPACE offers unique and constant social activity options by stimulating the user’s activities through the tokens. This means that the likes, posts, comments, moderation, content uploads, and broadcasts will be able to provide changes in the user’s tokens as positive or negative balances.

How Does It Work?

The main purpose of ASSPACE is to provide a network for the production and viewing of adult content along with great features that can help disrupt the traditional usage of the content. ASSPACE tokens are to be released in the market by the end of 2018. It allows adult performers to create content for the users and as soon as the order is placed, the performers are interviewed to see whether they will be able to complete the order. If it is confirmed, an agreement is made through a smart contract to make sure it is fulfilled from both sides.

Main Features

  • It provides a social media platform for the adult industry where users can connect with one another and build their brand, have an audience and create and share content.
  • It has ASSPACE tokens for rewarding users who are marketing, communicating and being an active part of the network.
  • It makes sure there is original content that cannot be copied from other networks.


In short, this is a great new venture where there is a collaboration between social media and the adult industry, making it easy for adult content creators to be able to produce content that is original and rewarding for the viewers.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Review

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style is one of the most popular products that are available in the market right now. It is known to provide you the highly efficient services and also suits well according to all your gaming styles. This chair surely is one of its kind and is the most reliable product.


Devoko Ergonomic Gaming ChairThis chair is totally devoted and specially designed to provide you the best gaming experience without any problem. This chair is completely made up of the high-quality premium leather. This is done to make sure that the chair does not wear out too soon. We find this chair to be on many top lists, such as this great one at To make sure that it is able to provide you the required comfort and convince; it has been made with the curved high back and also provided with a headrest. The lumbar support that is provided along with the chair is free to be adjusted according to your needs.  This chair can easily carry weight up to three hundred pounds without any problem. Also, the company manufacturing this chair is providing you the thirty days money back guarantee. This is done in case you are not at all satisfied with the performance of this chair. It also offers you the lock-tilt adjustment system with the recline adjuster. It is completely made of the high-quality leather and can easily provide you the 360 degrees rotation.


  • It is made out of the premium quality leather.
  • This chair is the best choice for both the functionality and the appearance that it has.
  • It is made to offer you the long-lasting services.
  • This chair is designed according to the ergonomic design and is a product to rely upon.
  • It is available for you in an affordable price range.
  • It offers you the facility of 360 degrees swivel rotation.
  • This chair is able to provide you the noise-free swiveling.
  • This chair is made extremely comfortable.


  • It is not at all ideal to be placed in the executive office environments.


The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style surely is a product worth trusting and is a valuable deal to consider. It is also able to provide you the full rotation of three hundred and sixty degrees for offering you better coverage area. It is one of the most comfortable chairs that are present in the market.

On Trial: Dark Side of the Rainbow (Dark Side of Oz)

The Facts:

-The psychadelic rock band Pink Floyd, at Abbey Road Studios, London, from June 1972 to January 1973, recorded the rock album The Dark Side of the Moon.
-It is claimed that said album can be used as an alternative soundtrack for the 1939 MGM motion picture The Wizard of Oz.
-Music from said album is allegedly synchronized with action from said movie, when said album is started on third roar of MGM lion, in said movie.
-Said album can be restarted at a later point in said movie to produce further synchronizations.
-This phenomenon is referred to as The Dark Side of the Rainbow; or, alternatively, as The Dark Side of Oz.

Question for Determination by the Jury:

Judge: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you are asked to ponder the evidence presented to you here today, and to determine whether the act of composing music synchronized to popular motion pictures may be rightfully called a form of art.


Deliberate vs. Serendipitous Art

Defense Attorney: Quote, by Bob Dylan:

“The song was there before me, before I came along. I just sorta came down and just sorta took it down with a pencil, but it was there before I came around.”

Serendipitous art is said to be art that just happens, without design, not intended by its creator. Members of the band Pink Floyd have insisted that there was never any intention of designing an album that could serve as an alternative soundtrack for any motion picture. Dave Kopel, writing for Relix magazine in 1997, described the DSotR phenomenon using the Carl Jung term synchronicity. Jung used this term to describe how two causally unrelated events can parallel each other, without any intention by either to imitate the other.
Is this phenomenon known as Dark Side of the Rainbow, therefore, what one would call synchronicity, or serendipitous art? I call Expert Witness A to the stand.
Expert Witness A, why are you called an expert witness?

Expert Witness A: Back where I come from we have universities -seats of great learning -where men go to become great thinkers. When they come out, they think deep thoughts, and with no more brains than you have. But, they have one thing you haven’t got -a diploma.

Defense Attorney: Expert Witness A, I call your attention to Exhibit A –The Dark Side of the Rainbow. You may have noted that the album Dark Side of the Moon is simultaneously synchronized to two completely different parts of the same movie. In your expert opinion, would it not have been impossible to intentionally produce this effect, using the technology that was available to the band Pink Floyd in the year 1973?

Expert Witness A: Us and them . . . And after all, we’re only ordinary men.

Defense Attorney: Expert Witness A, some have described Dark Side of the Rainbow as coincidence;others have suggested it is all a trick of the mind; still others have described it as an example of Carl Jung’s synchronicity. I call your attention to the following article which analyzes these different assertions:

Dark Side of Oz: Coincidence, Apophenia or Synchronicity?

Defense Attorney: Having studied this article, Expert Witness A, would you describe Dark Side of the Rainbow as an example of Carl Jung’s synchronicity?

Expert Witness A: And everything under the sun is in tune . . . but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

Art Must Make a Statement

Defense Attorney:Thank you, Expert Witness A; you may step down. I would now like to call Expert Witness B to the stand.
Expert Witness B, allow me to now quote William Butler Yeats:

“Supreme art is a traditional statement of certain heroic and religious truth, passed on from age to age, modified by individual genius, but never abandoned.”