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ASSPACE Token ICO Review

ASSPACE Token, which means Adult Social Space, is best described as an internal ERC-20 token that is based on Ethereum. It is circulated among users so that it can give monetary value to all of their social activities through a decentralized social network that has adult (18+) content. The whole intention is for this to be the only cryptocurrency project that can be used for such activities by users.


ASSPACE icoASSPACE is used for uniting users who are open-minded, social, energetic, curious and creative youngsters involved in the production of adult content. It gives them opportunities so that they can produce bigger and better adult content through the use of this platform, as they do not have other such avenues. The goal of this platform is to build a social network that is based on the principles of decentralization and have features which can be useful for the adult content production industry.

There are Ethereum-based tokens inside this platform for rewards, allocation, and charges. ASSPACE offers unique and constant social activity options by stimulating the user’s activities through the tokens. This means that the likes, posts, comments, moderation, content uploads, and broadcasts will be able to provide changes in the user’s tokens as positive or negative balances.

How Does It Work?

The main purpose of ASSPACE is to provide a network for the production and viewing of adult content along with great features that can help disrupt the traditional usage of the content. ASSPACE tokens are to be released in the market by the end of 2018. It allows adult performers to create content for the users and as soon as the order is placed, the performers are interviewed to see whether they will be able to complete the order. If it is confirmed, an agreement is made through a smart contract to make sure it is fulfilled from both sides.

Main Features

  • It provides a social media platform for the adult industry where users can connect with one another and build their brand, have an audience and create and share content.
  • It has ASSPACE tokens for rewarding users who are marketing, communicating and being an active part of the network.
  • It makes sure there is original content that cannot be copied from other networks.


In short, this is a great new venture where there is a collaboration between social media and the adult industry, making it easy for adult content creators to be able to produce content that is original and rewarding for the viewers.

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