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Austrian Society and Culture

Every country has their own cultures, beliefs, and customs that they practice. Vienna Austria is known for special customs and beliefs as well. This article will help potential tourists and residences be aware of these special things. Its always a plus to be aware of what is going on when visiting different places and it will help you get along with the locals as well.

Austrian Family Values

            In Austria, the family is the backbone of the social structure here. Due to lack of migration options in Austria, the families are usually quite small. The family stays very close to one another. They normally stay together in the town or village in which they live. During the week, most Austrians are working, but the weekends are devoted to family time, which is usually outside. Every night, Austrians eat dinner with their families. On Sundays, the family usually goes to visit grandparents, or hiking together.

The Austrian House

            In Austria, the family keeps a clean and neat home, and they take a lot of pride in their homes. The home, for many Austrians, is the place they relax and unwind. When someone comes into their homes, they’re usually a family member or a close friend. Not everyone is invited to the home. There is also etiquette regarding the home’s stairs or steps. These must always be clean from any debris.

Are Austrians Conservative?

            Most Austrians are usually very conservative. In their behavior, they are moderate. When it comes to organizing, they are great at compartmentalizing their lives. If one has a social event that they are planning, they will make sure they invite guests well in advanced in order to have the most guests.

Keeping Up Appearances

            In Austria, being presentable is something that is very important. The people of Austria believe that you should be neat and dress conservatively, even when it’s informal. Thee clothes must never show a lot of the body. When Austrians go to the theatre or a concert, they dress very formally. When going to a nice place to eat, they wear semi-formal clothing. There are certain places that will tell patrons to leave if they are not dressed properly. Women of Austria dress up just to go shopping. When they are in public, they dress very well.

Austrian Customs

            In Vienna and most of the country, greetings are very formal. Most of the greetings begin with a nice and firm handshake. During the conversation, maintaining eye contact is vital. Austria older men will usually kiss a female’s hand as a greeting. This is a sign of a true gentleman. A man from another country, however, should never kiss a female’s hand. Women sometimes kiss other men, but men will never kiss another man. Using names and titles are very important as well. When arriving to another’s home, when entering a room, it is a must to shake each person’s hand individually, and this includes children also. These are just a few customs to help one get by in the country.

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